VERDAD SNOWBOARDS - Le Matelot - 2020

VERDAD SNOWBOARDS - Le Matelot - 2020

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The Matelot is a man of the sea,his passion lays in seeking the horizon, living the most intense lifestyle a man can live,it’s a kind of freedom  sailers and mountaineers have in common.

The Matelot high-end strong all mountain freestyle vessels, representing the soul of the movement, we are riding for the true essence of our quest standing the hands of time on the ride for freedom.  The core of the board is a mix of hybrid fibers (a mix of biax and triax fibers) and carbon stripes in quarter circle shape from the inserts towards the nose and tail of the board. The Wiskey bottle represents the truth because after 3 glasses of it everyone will speak the truth

The design is a made by Jeroen Peter.

  • Vtgold Shape – Hybrid Camber
  • Sintered 8000 Base – Hybrid Fibers
  • 100% Og Twin – Factory Waxed
  • Carbon – V Light Woodcore
  • Vc07 Core – Diamond Stone Finish

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