Roxy Ily + Look Xpress 11

Roxy Ily + Look Xpress 11

Roxy Ily + Look Xpress 11

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Over Roxy Ily + Look Xpress 11

With the Roxy Ily, the park is no longer safe

Whether you ride switch, rails, halfpipe or boxes: the Roxy Ily supports your freestyle ambitions. It is Roxys goal to push feminine freestyle performance and the Ily does not disappoint. The ski, with a wood core throughout and tip & tail rocker, inspires you to try the next level trick and to master it. A unique park ski which also performs well on the slope.

Riding style
Roxy offers with the Ily a lightweight park ski which will support and push you in the park and on the slope.

The ski has a tip & tail rocker and is therefore very manoeuvrable. Furthermore, the rockers help you to cushion your landing. The ski has enough power for the approach because of its slightly directional side cut. The difference in side cut is, however, not apparent when you ride switch. It performs switch just as well.

The Roxy Ily has, with a length of 153 cm, a side cut of 114/82/110. Therefore the ski has an unbelievable manoeuvrable radius of just 14 meters.

The Ilys flex is somewhere between soft and medium. This gives enough pop and stability to jump and for landings. The ski will forgive small mistakes and gives you the opportunity to learn butters and rail tricks.

The wood core over the whole length is made of poplar and ash and gives your ski the desired flex and lightness. Roxy has, to make the ski stronger and more stable, worked a layer of fibreglass into the core. The ski is pressed into an Unibody Cap construction. In this way the surface of the ski is completely sealed off, from edge to edge.


  • Radius: 14 meter
  • Tip & Tail Rocker
  • Cap construction
  • Core of Poplar and Ash with Fibreglass reinforcements
  • Shape: Twin Tip
  • Rocker: Tip & tail rocker
  • Core: Poplar/ash & tri-axial fibreglass
  • Topsheet: ICP8210 glossy
  • IS1320 extruded
  • Build: Unibody construction

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