Rome Reverb '2017

Rome Reverb '2017

Rome Reverb '2017

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Over Rome Reverb '2017

Peak to park with style and pop

Some riders demand positive camber for the responsiveness that only positive camber can lay down. With the Reverb, Rome has integrated this camber profile into a moderately flexing geometric package. Then they add in pop-enhancing technology with carbon and bamboo rods.  The result is a board that combines the flexibility for park and powder, with the performance for ripping clean, fast turns.

Riding Style
All-Mountain Freestyle - You want to have fun on the whole mountain? This board does everything with ease, from kickers and rails in the park, to sidehits on the piste or powder runs and fast turns.

True Twin - This board is built identically from the middle. Riding and landing switch is as easy as riding straight.

MTN Pop Rocker 2.0 - MtnPop Rocker is redesigned for 2016. The amount of rocker between your feet got modified so that it and the contact points touch the snow when the board is under no pressure. In the nose of the board and the tail of the board, they place positive camber. The result is a combination that is equal parts big-mountain ripper and mini-shred aficionado. Positive camber lets you hammer carves, snap ollies and provides increased stability while the rocker give you float and playful buttery-fun.

The medium flex of 4 provides a more forgiving ride, while the board always holds enough reserves for stability and edge grip in extreme situations. You can do presses and butters with ease and it will safe you from hang-ups after not perfectly landed tricks.

Dual zones of ultra-light weight wood converge with a body of snappy responsive poplar for a buttery yet high powered flex. Straightbiax Carbon is the laminate more freestyle riders trust for ollie power and press friendly riding. 90-degree fibers provide a medium flexing feel that is beefed up with added carbon fiber to stomp more tricks and ride harder. Bamboo Single Barrel HotRods are a centerline rod of bamboo for nature’s gift of snap and responsiveness. The QuickRip Sidecut gives you a board that rails turns at high speeds and a board that is a playful feeling at slower speeds. The Sintertrue Base is the workhorse of base materials, this strong and absorbent base is the first level of speed generating technology. It provides a healthy dose of speed for bombing groomers, lapping park or beating your friends to your favorite stash.


  • MtnPop Rocker camber
  • True twin shape
  • Hodrods-Bamboo single barrel
  • QuickRip sidecut
  • Pop core matrix
  • StraightBiax carbon laminate
  • SinterTrue base
  • 2x4 and 4x4 compatible
  • Flex: 4

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