Nidecker Play '2017

Nidecker Play '2017

Nidecker Play '2017

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Over Nidecker Play '2017

Nidecker Play 2016/2017 Snowboard

If you're new to snowboarding and looking to get your first board, you really need to look no further than the Nidecker Play. This great performing board is a quantum leap away from the own brand products peddled by chain sport shops and will help you to develop your riding skills to a really high level.

Built around a versatile directional shape it can handle any type of terrain or any type of riding, so is the perfect choice to really get your skills nailed across the whole spectrum of snowboarding.

One of the key reasons that the Play is so versatile is down to its innovative CamRock profile. This blends rocker at the tip and tail (which gives great float in deep snow, as well as keeping the board contact points clear for a more forgiving feel) with a lively and responsive camber between the feet (for a more poppy solid stable ride)ensuring that this is one board that really can do everything and go anywhere.

Internally Nidecker utilise a full tip to tail poplar wood core. This gives the optimum flex and delivers a forgiving ride that still has all the performance you need to challenge your riding. However, what you really need when learning new skills is a board that doesn't punish your mistakes. Thankfully the Play delivers this perfectly thanks to the Bi-Ax glass structural layers. These deliver a softer torsional flex allowing the board to soak up any errors letting you concentrate on your riding.

Finally the high-quality extruded base gives great glide in all conditions and requires minimal maintenance to deliver great performance.

  • Style: Snowsurf
  • Profile: Dir CamRock
  • Flex: Stiff
  • Base: Sintered



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