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The Escape is perfect for a quick getaway.
This mid-range directional board carries much of the same technology as Nideckers higher priced models and has quickly become a favorite among their product development team. Great for backcountry all-mountain action, and with Camrock to bring stability no matter what the conditions.

Riding Style
All Mountain- Smooth and responsive, this all mountain board is perfect for everyone who likes to romp around on the whole mountain and want to have as much fun as possible.

Twin Directional is a hybrid shape, combining the Twin-Tip and the Directional shapes. It will give you the float and control of a Directional shape, but with a twin “feel” that helps you perform better switch. The stiffness is Twin, but the inserts have a small setback like the Directional.

All-Mountain CamRock gives you everything you need. There is a touch more rocker in the nose to add float and improved maneuverability, matched with a small amount of camber under foot to keep your snowboard responsive. A small amount of rocker in the tail gives you additional stability and maneuverability.

The Flex on the Escape is medium/firm, this gives the board a balanced feel. It’s hard enough to stay in control on hard charged mountain lines but it still has enough flex for advanced powder buttering.

The Shock Absorber is a specially designed elastomeric interlayer, which offers additional comfort to the rider while eliminating vibrations. The Pop Core starts with beech for superior torsion, and poplar for lightness, Nidecker than added spruce in the nose and tail and found the perfect combination of woods to give you more pop than any other snowboard offered today. The Triax Plus laminate is oriented at 35° to the board and contains different glass densities. This provides consistent torsional flex, better pop, and more reactivity on every turn. The Vibra Kevlar System delivers a comfortable ride, reducing vibration and chatter under your feet. It gives you the confidence to go bigger and faster, no matter what the mountain throws at you. The Base 6000 features a fast material with a diamond-textured finish, this base is all about speed and the ability to take a beating. It also has superior wax absorption qualities. Nideckers edges have 35% more steel than typical edges, which means that they have two and a half times the impact resistance of other edges offered on the market today.

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