JP Australia EXPLORAIR 2017

JP Australia EXPLORAIR 2017

JP Australia EXPLORAIR 2017

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Inflatables have proven advantages over hardboards: they are easy to transport and store. So far, their only real disadvantage was their limited planing potential. But just in time for the upcoming summer season JP presents two all-new inflatable windsurf boards which are specially developed and tuned for planing!


Targeting beginners and intermediates, the ExplorAIR is very big and wide with lots of volume. On this super stable hull the newcomer to the sport is able to learn all the basics and to improve quickly. Beginners and intermediates will appreciate the center fin which provides directional stability, reduces the lee way and creates lift to go upwind. Its huge planing area can push the advanced rider onto a plane early and easily. Being longer than the normal Explorers also helps with going upwind due to its longer waterline.

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