Elan RipStick 96 (ski only)

Elan RipStick 96 (ski only)

Elan RipStick 96 (ski only)

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Over Elan RipStick 96 (ski only)


With ISPO Award winning performance, this true all mountain ski features the newest technology and lightweight materials, making it a perfect every day choice for any all mountain adventure.


The Ripstick 96 is wide enough to get some in the deep stuff, but still narrow enough in the waist to rip up the front side. This ski’s Amphibio profile offers skiers exceptional maneuverability and edge grip, while SST sidewalls ensure direct power transmission, and TNT technology provides dynamic power and a ride that’s as smooth as butter.



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TNT Technology

TNT technology is the foundation for building skis that are extremely lightweight, while delivering powerful rebound and a smooth on-snow ride. How did we do it? We integrated VaporTip Inserts into a TubeLite Woodcore. The end result was TNT Technology. The TubeLite Woodcore offers incredible response and stability at a low weight, while the VaporTip Inserts further reduce weight in the tip and tail areas and improve stability for a balanced and smooth ride in any conditions.



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