Burton Dump Truck

Burton Dump Truck

Burton Dump Truck

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Over Burton Dump Truck

The Burton Dump Truck is the evolution of the Gate Keeper and a really fun ride.  If you want something a little softer, more surfy and tapered compared to the Burton Flight Attendant then you have the Burton Dump Truck.

Flex: It’s got a flex that’s kind of medium bordering on med/stiff.  Feels like it’s a little more mellow than the well-liked Flight Attendant.

Sizing: We thought the 154 might be too small but after riding it I think Peter and me with our 8.5 and 9 shoes.  The 163 would be better for Jimbo and Tim with their 11’s but the 158 might be passable.  Same with the 158 for Peter and I but if I was going to buy this I’d go 154.

On Snow Feel: The Burton Dump Truck has a very fun, semi-locked in off the back foot kind of ride that just loves to carve and make good turns.  If you surf it feels like it’s in between a groveler and a performance shortboard.  If you only snowboard it’s got a lot of that fun directional freeride feel with a good taste that you get from the more set back, directional surfy shapes too.  If you know how to turn a board well it can cruise well but also respond well to more aggressive riding too.  It’s a board that has a great personality for most directional riders that like a bit of taper. You can get surfy with it but also still feel a little taste of more of a double ender ride.

Edge Hold: It’s missing that magic solid grip that a lot of boards similar to this have but it’s good in most snow you want to ride in.  It just starts to slip a little more in those hard patches you can see on some days than others.

Turn Initiation: The 154 Burton Dump Truck turned pretty quickly for us and we liked how it snapped pretty quickly from edge to edge.  It’s a good board for surfing through trees. It was med/fast bordering on fast and went where ever you wanted it when you wanted it.

Turning Experience: The overall turning experience is really fun.  It’s very much off the back foot and if you like that style you will find it’s less washy than many 20mm tapered boards.  However, if you come from a double ender/aka no taper you might find the tail a bit washy if you don’t have a lot of weight pressuring the back foot edge. Turns of all radius size are fun and its a great board for those that like to make surfy turns.

Carving: When the snow is soft this can rail out a really hard carve.  It did a pretty good circle carve liked the drive off the back foot from all that rear camber.

Skidded Turns: Not the easiest to skid turns since it’s mostly camber.  If you get off your game and skid that tail around the wrong way you could pay.

Speed: The Burton Dump Truck has very good mountain speed.  It’s not made for those who like to bomb everything but instead, it’s made more for turning and getting more surfy on the mountain.

Uneven Terrain: Very good in bumpy messy resort snow.  It’s the kind of board you could ride all Saturday and if sized right to your boots weave in and out of bumps like a champ.

Powder: There is rocker in the nose, a big nose, a big set back on side cut, a bigger set back on board and a tapered tail. That means this will float like a champ. Even the 154 we were on would own it in all but the deepest of the deep. The only rides better are the super rockered powder only boards.

Buttering: Doable but not great.

Switch: Better than we thought thanks to their side cut tech but it’s still pretty lopsided.

Jibbing: nope!

Pipe: If this had a little more grip it would be all time for surfing pipe and slashing quarter pipes etc. As long as the pipe isn’t too hard or if you are ok with mid-level edge hold you will have a great time taking a directional approach to the pipe.

Jumps: The Burton Dump Truck is not a board for landing fakie like a true twin in the jump park but it’s got all the pop off the tail you would ever want for directional air.  Burton knows how to make a board react after it’s been bent so it likes to ollie off the tail very well.  So if you don’t care about landing switch much then this is a great board.

So, all in all, we all liked the Dump Truck.  I personally feel it will make a lot of riders happy if it fits their specs and riding needs.



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